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Gastronomia Pelagio, Darlinghurst

2008 July 17
by Reemski

Having lived in Darlinghurst for almost 7 years, Pelagio on Victoria Street was always a favourite.  Stocked with fabulous cheeses, interesting salads and a fabulous range of chocolate.

Recently, it changed hands. They’ve completely gutted the place and refashioned it. Before, a maze of tightly packed aisles, fronting a large cheese and cold meats/salad cabinet, there is now a wonderful long table down the centre of the shop with shelving along one wall, with a more streamlined offering of imported and specialty products. The cold cabinet still holds a variety of cheeses, meats and salads, though the chocolate selection is now much abbreviated.

So far so good. Will have to be back to try the salads and see if they’re still as good.

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