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Cafe Nest, Potts Point

2008 August 31
by Reemski

Sunday morning. Breakfast with one of my closest, oldest friends. She has been up all weekend supporting her husband who completed the Oxfam Trail Walk, and was keen for an actual sit down meal and gossip.Usually we meet half way at Forbes & Burton, but today we headed to her side of the hood and I ventured into the wilds of Potts Point.

It was a gloriously grey and overcast morning, and not too cold at all. I was starving, and looking forward to breakie. Nest Cafe is about halfway up Victoria Street in Potts Point, and occupies a small space in the front of a 1970’s brown brick apartment building:

The menu is limited; a couple of variations on scrambled eggs with sides, a fruit dish, toast, and porridge. But this does not mean it’s not good! They choose to do few things and do them well. In the past my fave dish here was toasted sour cherry sourdough, ricotta or mascarpone and poached pears. Today, however, I choose the egg option.

I go for indulgent and order the scrambled eggs with Truffle oil, toast and a side of creamed mushrooms. Now, I’ve never heard of creamed mushrooms, and had no idea what to expect. My friend ordered the same sans truffle oil.

The eggs are creamy and rich, though I can’t really discern the Truffle oil. Maybe I’m just not sophisticated enough? The mushrooms, come in their own little dish of grey looking creaminess. It’s looks not too appetising, but my goodness, Yum! The mushies are rich and tasty and meaty. They’re perfect on the toast. The toast is one slice of plain white, hiding a slice of multigrain. Am I the only person in the world who doesn’t want their toast pre-buttered? It just seems unnecessary to me…like weekend surcharges…
The coffee here is good, though a little on the weak side. All in all, a tasty treat on a rainy morning.

Nest Cafe
145 Victoria Street
Potts Point
02 8356 9505
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  1. jim permalink
    September 5, 2008

    You and your friend have impeccable taste. When you’re in Newtown, drop me a line …

  2. September 14, 2008

    OH! I must try the creamed eggs from here! I LOVE the creamed eggs with truffle oil and chives from Danks St Depot and have been keen on finding other places with something similar. Great review =)

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