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Lunch at Cafe Mint, Surry Hills

2008 August 6

Yesterday I was meant to be at work. I slept away a good chunk of the day, and then decided to go and eat. My first choice, The Book Kitchen, is closed on Tuesdays and the queue at Bourke Street Bakery is the usual shit fight. Where next? Cafe Mint!

Now this is a favourite of mine, and I’ve enjoyed the food every visit.

Now, the photo of my meal was taken with a mobile phone camera, not a real one, so apologies for the dodgy quality.

My boyfriend, who is not very adventurous, and who is not well at all, opts for plain old Vegemite on turkish, with a side of grilled haloumi with lemon! The haloumi is soft and unctuous and hot. Yum!

I, faced with too much choice, go with the spicy minced lamb with pinenuts on hoummous, with pomegranate roast onion, and turkish toast with za’atar.

Firstly, it doesn’t look too glamourous, but the smell is divine. I don’t know what spices they’ve used with the lamb, but I intend to find out! It’s such a wildly simple dish, yet it all works so perfectly. The onions being super sweet, balancing the tartness of the hoummous, and the hoummous balancing the spiciness of the lamb. The coffee is pretty damn good too!

UPDATE: I contacted Cafe Mint to ask about this tasty dish and was provided with some detail! Straight from Hugh Foster’s mouth (or fingers more correctly):

“lots of black pepper, cumin and a lebanese mixed spice which I know has some allspice (pimento) in it”

Cafe Mint
579 Crown Street
Surry Hills
02 9319 0848
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