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Sparkle Cupcakery, Surry Hills

2008 August 9
by Reemski

I got up early this morning for a haircut. On the way back I stopped into the newly opened Sparkle Cupcakery on Foveaux Street, Surry Hills. This space most recently hosted a French/Viet bakery and previously Blondes, Brunettes, Redheads Hair Salon.

I’ve been watching with interest as the facade has been painted white with black trim. Looks great. Stepping inside the space is like stepping inside the poshest, chicest beauty parlour, but it’s cupcakes not skin creams that take centre stage. The room is long and narrow with a glass screen stopping the members of the public breathing all over the cupcakes, with another area dedicated to decorating, so you can watch the staff in action. The cupcakes are colour coded with small sugar dics to assist you in choosing and distinguishing your purchases later.

The point of difference with this place is that you can enjoy a glass of champagne with your cupcake! A fantastic idea if you ask me. Very decadent. All cupcakes are made daily on premises, but I was disappointed when the gentleman behind the counter mentioned that excess, unsold cupcakes are thrown out each day. I reckon they need to call OzHarvest or give them to the Oasis Centre across the road.

I have to mention the divine packaging. Black boxes or bags with silver text. All the cupcakes are in silver cases, and it is all so chic!

So, how were the cupcakes? Well, I’ve only tried one, and I want to reserve judgement until I’ve tried more. I grabbed a green tea and bubbles, but have to say I was disappointed. It was dry around the edges and much crumblier than I expected. The frosting was cream cheese with a hint of lemon, which didn’t compliment the flavour of the cupcake. The cupcake itself didn’t taste very strongly of green tea at all, but was a pretty colour. It had a little gooey centre, but again I struggled to define a flavour!

I will definitely return to this gorgeous little place, and I really hope my next cupcake is tastier!

Sparkle Cupcakery
132 Foveaux Street
Surry Hills
02 9361 0690
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10 Responses
  1. August 10, 2008

    Came here too – love the place and the cute packaging, but cupcake was awful! Went a second time just to make sure, and yes – still terrible. What a shame!

  2. August 11, 2008

    That’s so disappointing to hear, as the concept is so good. I hope the quality improves!

  3. Kathryn permalink
    August 11, 2008

    Hi guys
    Thrilled that Sparkle made it to your blog. Just to let you know, we actually do send all our left over cakes to Oz Harvest. They have been receiving tonnes of our cakes over the last few months, as we tested our recipes.
    Kathryn ( of Sparkle)

  4. eweebug permalink
    August 11, 2008

    yes – i agree!

    i went opening day on sat and had the green tea cup cake but also disappointed.

    There really is potential but the recipe needs some definite crafting

  5. Anna permalink
    August 11, 2008

    Have been into the new Sparkle Cupcakery in Surry Hills twice now and sampled 2 of the gorgeous cakes – went back because I am addicted to the coconut ice cupcake which is so moorish! Loved the guy behind the counter Brian who is so friendly & funky, will definitely be a regular there.

  6. August 12, 2008

    Kathryn of Sparkle – So glad to hear that the leftovers are indeed going to OzHarvest
    Eweebug – I’d like to try a few more of the cupcakes before passing final judgement, but the Green Tea certainly wasn’t as flash as I expected.
    Anna – Maybe the next one I’ll try is the coconut ice cupcake!

  7. Blixt permalink
    August 12, 2008

    I’m a bit of a foodie myself actually, but having recently found out I’m gluten intolerant has been both depressing and frustrating. I always thought there were lots of gluten free options around, but finding tasty cakes and desserts has been a huge challenge.
    Sparkle Cupcakery has been the answer to my prayers. I was fortunate enough to sample the Lemon Zest Gluten free cake which was delicious! There is no hint in the flavour that this cake was gluten free AT ALL !!!!!! I was so excited!!! It had a lovely lemony flavour that left me wanting more. My boyfriend who can eat anything (I am soooo jealous!) is a massive chocoholic and he had the milk chocolate cupcake which had a kind of shaved chocolate topping. It looked delicious and he scoffed it down and bought a second! He said the flavour was just right. We’ll be going back as regularly as we can, as I enquired and apparently they make a different gluten free cake each day. Thank-you Sparkle I feel like I can finally enjoy cake again. Keep up the good work!

  8. August 12, 2008

    Hi Blixt, So glad you found somewhere that does gluten free cakes that you can enjoy! But my experience with the Green Tea cupcake was very disappointing. But as I said, I’ll go back, sample a few more and see how they go, as I think it’s a great concept.
    BTW try Rowie’s Cakes:
    you can get them at David Jones and other really good gourmet type places and deli’s…Very, very yummy….and gluten free….and would be the same price as Sparkle.

  9. August 26, 2008

    Ooh how exciting to see a new cupcake place! The packaging looks great but not great that you were disappointed with the taste. I must plan a visit soon 🙂

  10. Jane permalink
    September 1, 2008

    Yes, i agree that the cakes aren’t as good as i was hoping for. My boyfriend had the milk chocolate which just crumbled because it was so dry and my Pure Sparkle vanilla was equally as bad. Luckily i had a cup of tea to help wash it down. Personally i won’t be going back. $4.50 for a dry cupcake, i don’t think so.

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