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Banana guard

2008 September 12

You know, I’ve had this for a while, and truly love it, so thought it was time to share. I used to work in Parliament House in Canberra, and every day we had to go through security and have our bags scanned.

After this new security regime started the most common item found in bags was bananas. For many, carrying a banana in your bag was a dangerous thing, particularly for the ladies with our softer, less structured bags. You’d always end up pulling your banana out of your bag and finding that it had a gouge in it, or a dirty great big bruise where there was once pristine flesh…those days are gone! All hail the banana guard!

This beautiful invention, which makes my colleagues blush, was created by a three Canadian doctors who were sick of having their ‘nanas damaged (ooh that sounds a bit suss doesn’t it?) so these three fine people put their heads together and came up with this fab invention. I am so grateful that they came up with this, as it has meant that bananas that were once a little too ripe to withstand the vigours of the handbag can now make it to work unmolested!

Available at

Vicino at Fratelli Fresh
7 Danks Street

And other specialty stores

Circa $15

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