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La Cita, King St Wharf

2008 September 19
by Reemski

Farewell lunches! How we love them…except when the booking hasn’t been made! We start off at Moreton’s but being the most gorgeously stunning day, every man and his dog was out, and the place was packed. After realising that the booking hadn’t been made, we quickly headed to King Street Wharf hoping to secure a table.

First stop, the Special guests favourite, James Squire, was booked out for a private function until 5pm. Next stop Bungalow 8, again, stunning day, packed, no tables.  Looking for options, we were getting just a touch desperate, when someone noticed empty non-reserved tables at La Cita…Success! Table outside! Yay!

So we settled in and got to ordering. The menu here is quite large, and I’m inherently suspicious of any restaurant that has such an approach, as it usually means most items are aiming for mediocrity.  It was also rather expensive. Considering our location at King Street Wharf, both of these scenarios are par for the course in my experience. Nevertheless we settle in to enjoy the stunning day.

The first  misstep was with the service. There were a core group of 8 of us, and we weren’t sure if anymore were going to arrive. As we had already wasted a bit of time finding somewhere to go we wanted to order quite quickly. But for some reason they kept avoiding us. Eventually I approached a waitperson, and was firmly told that we couldn’t order until the rest of our party arrived and were seated. I firmly told her we weren’t sure of their arrival and would like to order now. She again firmly told me that we could only order once all were seated (two of our party were out of area having cancer sticks) I had already obtained the orders of the smokers, and was ready to go, and firmly told her so. What a cow!

*Excuse the slightly blurred photos, these were taken with my work phone which has only a 2 mega pixel camera…

Two of our party order the “Devil’s Chicken” served with potatoes…both colleagues polished these off fairly smartly…it looked very tasty and was mildly spicy…

A bunch of us ordered the tasting plate as the “cheap option” for $18.

This tasting plate was actually quite good value. Consisting of 1 chorizo, two lamb cutlets, 2 smallish prawns, two baby octopus and two small pieces of squid, with some olives, fetta and capsicum with a dish of mayo, a very tangy pesto and a tomato-ey capsicum type sauce. The plate was ok, but quite heavy on the protein side of things, and quite oily with all the seafood drizzled with “garlic oil” which didn’t actually taste of garlic! the most disappointing thing about the plate was the absolutely atrocious bread that was old, cheap and crumbly. They might as well have left it off the plate…

Some of the others settled on the fish and chips:

Not the most exciting of dishes..and the plate looked quite bare in comparison to ours…

All in all, I think the tasting plate was great value, though not a great meal. La Cita was a lovely spot for a sunny lunch when the other options aren’t available. It is also a latin nightclub/bar which friends of mine love, so I hope it does nightclub better than it does restaurant.

La Cita
9 Lime St
King Street Wharf
02 9299 9100
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  1. September 19, 2008

    I think the tasting plate definitely looks the best choice, it’s a nice variety of food and I tend to like protein so I’d be chuffed with it. Sometimes arranging work lunches is like herding cats-too hard!

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