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Meals this week

2008 September 11

So far, I’ve had my usual date night dinner, at Il Baretto in Surry Hills (had entree of bruschetta, special of Calamarata: ring shaped pasta, with prawns and calamari in a tomato sauce, rocket and parmesan salad, and the boyfriend had bolognese on penne, and for dessert the vanilla pannacotta with red wine toffee sauce) and random after work dinner last night at the Clock Hotel: (burger and chips for boyfriend and eggplant and lamb pizza for me[yuck]) also in Surry Hills. No pictures I’m afraid as my boyfriend hates me taking photos of food.

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  1. September 11, 2008

    Oh no, he doesn’t like you taking photos? Why is that?

  2. September 11, 2008

    He’s very self conscious and thinks it’s weird! I even tried to show him how you got a “backstage tour” of Mr Ramsay’s restaurant, and he didn’t bite. Sometimes, when we’re out with others who are as into food as I, he’s more amenable.

  3. September 12, 2008

    Does he look around furtively and red faced to see whether anyone else is staring? 😉 Sometimes we get people who are surprised to see a camera but that’s 1 in every 80 restaurants. Most people don’t care or they just smile and are curious. Actually I only remember two people whose were really surprised. One woman the other weekend just couldn’t believe it and kept staring at me bug eyed and blinking. I had to laugh myself. But tell him most people don’t care or are curious! 🙂

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