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The Prophet, Surry Hills

2008 September 17

Tuesday nights are usually date night, but they’re also the night I do my volunteer thing. I’ve been a volunteer with the Ankali Project for about 6 or 7 years now, and myself and the other volunteers provide social and emotional support to people living with HIV. So every Tuesday I get together with a group of other volunteers for our compulsory weekly debrief. This group of people are my surrogate Sydney family. We’re a diverse bunch, but we all love a good feed and enjoying each others company.

We were overdue for a dinner, and as usual, staying in Surry Hills, we decided to head to The Prophet. As we meet on a Tuesday night, we always manage to get a table for 15. Now I didn’t manage to get decent photos of about half of dinner, so you’ll need to believe my descriptions….

We start off with little nibbles of olives and pickled green chillies, and copious amounts of lebanese bread…soon, out came the hoummous and baba ghanouj…

The baba ghanouj is creamy and smoky, while the hoummous is fairly bland. Being of Middle Eastern background I find most store bought hoummous really bland and boring…not enough lemon, or garlic…”dumbed down” for western palates as I’m sure is the case for all other international cuisine served in the West. Then came the tabbouli…it was very nice, but perhaps not super fresh…or it could be that it had a little too much oily dressing…Then there were felafel. A highlight, crunchy on the outside, and super tasty with a small drizzle of tahina on top…yum! I love felafel, and have attempted to make it once. The bit I can’t do is fry them…making the mix, is super easy…but the frying? Too hard for me. Maybe when my mother visits at Christmas I can get a frying lesson…

One of our group was vegetarian, and scored this whole plate to himself! Loaded with all sorts of goodness…He couldn’t finish it…

For the carnivores, there were the most divine garlic chicken skewers. These were definitely the highlight of the meat dishes..charred edges, perfectly tender and still moist, so very tasty. There were lady fingers, with their crispy/chewy fried outer encasing a yummy mix of lamb mince and pine nuts. These were delicious but the pastry was a bit chewy and required knifage to get through…then the cabbage rolls. I liked these, except for the cabbage outer..too briny/pickled for me…

One of my dining companions was somewhat bemused/amused by my hobby and insisted on making an appearance….

More meat followed with grilled kofta, slim finger lengths of grilled minced meat…I found these way too oily for my liking..Another meat dish landed, this time chunks, served with char grilled quarters of onion. I grabbed one piece, thankful that they weren’t grease laden, but lucked out with the most gristly piece imaginable! I swallowed. I just couldn’t spit it out in front of everybody!

As the last of the plates were picked at, the staff quickly, unobtrusively whisked away empty plates…then came the coffee…

The coffee was served with dainty little cups, which was just as well as one of these tiny cups kept me awake for quite some time! But I needed one to go with the baklava and the turkish delight…Baklava is one of my favourite things in the world! So I try not to eat it or make it very often…

Over the course of dinner, I noticed a picture of someone familiar on the wall. As it was dark and my eyes aren’t so good, I asked a passing waiter. “Is that a pciture of Jon Voight on the wall over there?” “Sure is, he came in when he was doing some film at Fox and then sent us the signed photo” There you go….

Dinner last night was about the company, not the food. I have to admit, I prefer Erciyes a few blocks up the road for both the food and the value…I didn’t feel that we got quite enough for $30 per head….

The Prophet
274 Cleveland Street
Surry Hills
02 9698 7025
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  1. September 17, 2008

    That vegetarian plate is huge! I wonder what was in it? Hehe at the fingers, at first I thought they put them in the photo for a size comparison.

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