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Night Noodle Markets 2008, Hyde Park

2008 October 17

Ah, I love Good Food Month, and I love even more, the Night Noodle Markets in Hyde Park.

This year they have made the markets a little more spread out so that it spills over from one side of the fountain to the other. The advantage of this so far is that the competition for a table isn’t nearly as fierce, but you still need to get there early!

Another interesting development sees the diversity of food offered expanding…the Turkish Gozleme ladies are there, as is Mayan Coffee in addition to the usual suspects…I also saw a sign for Eumundi Smokehouse and got a little excited until I saw it was actually Bungalow 8 ( we think) using Eumundi chicken sausages…

On to the food! We made sure we did a full lap of the entire area to make sure we didn’t miss out on anything good! I headed straight for Banana Blossom to make sure they had their divine steamed chocolate pudding with coconut cream! I was in luck! But the first thing I grabbed was their vegetarian spring rolls…

Hmmm, lovely, but no bottoms so difficult to eat…more food…Jackie M Malaysian looked great, so I grabbed the Roti Canai

I was somewhat disappointed with this one, the sauce was pretty bland, but the roti was very fresh and cooked to order..

The best decorated stand was a new one, Miss Chu – Queen of Rice Paper Rolls. With a name like that, how could I not have a go!

I tried the Lemongrass beef with high hopes. They were soon dashed. They were lovely, but there wasn’t any lemongrass flavour, and the lettuce had brown edges that you could see through the rice paper. The Banana Blossom ones seemed fresher and tastier.

By this stage I was pretty full, and eyeing my companions choices, combination plates from Zilver with duck and turkish Gozlemes.

But there was that famous dessert that I just had to have! So I made my way over to Banana Blossom and was surprised to see that they had changed it slightly: no longer was it served in the container in which it was steamed, it was now plated with pomegranate!

The pudding was lovely, but really loses something when it’s not served warm and gooey! It was still lovely, but it’s cake now, rather than pudding….

My lovely dining companions got into the Sticky rice with mango and poffertjes and sorbet from Serendipity…

I forgot to mention, my second dessert! Serendipity ice cream! Double scoop, fig, honey and pistachio and peanut butter disaster!!! OMIGOD YUM!!!!! It took me over half an hour to eat this sucker, but it was just divine. The fig, honey and pistachio is seriously the best icecream I’ve ever tried in my life. The icecream actually tasted like honey…honestly, real honey. The peanut butter, was creamy, with crunchy toffee bits through it…yum. I was truly overfilled by the time I finished this.

I love the Noodle Markets, they’re great fun and a great opportunity to do some taste testing and catch up with friends.

Good Food Month Night Noodle Markets
Hyde Park
17 October, 20-24 October

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  1. October 17, 2008

    Looks like you had a great night. Thanks for the preview 🙂 I did notice on the gfm website that they’re changed the orientation of the stalls, and that there seem to be a lot less noodles and a lot more modern asian/european leanings!

  2. October 17, 2008

    Hi Helen, indeed there is..the layout is much better this year and there are two bars now, though the main one still has very long lines!

  3. November 4, 2008

    OH! I went there last year with my sister! I used to live close to Hyde Park… You just brought back a rush of memories to me!!! Mmmmm Thanksss.. so yummy.. noodles….. 😉 Yum Yum Yum… Oh I’m so homesick and sad now!

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