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The Falconer

2008 October 22

Tuesday night “Date night” and I usually don’t get to take pics as the boyfriend doesn’t like it. But I’ve been so keen to get to this place that I took pics regardless!

The Falconer is a little gem on Oxford St, down near Hyde Park. It used to be a Diner/Cafeteria called Aristotle’s that had been there many years and had a loyal following…

About 3-4 months ago, the windows were covered up and it was soon apparent that Aristotle’s was gone…What replaced it, was a cool, funky little cafe/bar/restaurant, desperately needed at this arse end of Oxford St, which is dominated by fast food chains…

The Falconer has now been open approximately 10 weeks, and has steadily been getting’s open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, which is quite ambitious for a new venture, but the nature of the location means that it will attract different crowds at different times of the day.

So we rocked up Tuesday evening, sans booking, and were rewarded with a cosy booth!

It looks empty, but the place was full up behind us! The crowd was very mixed, a table of older ladies enjoying coffee and cake, some couples enjoying dinner and wine, and some girls having a gossip and a catch up. Later on, a couple of older gentlemen arrived who were former regulars of Aristotle’s, and were full of questions of the staff on the menu, what happened to the former business etc…

On to the food! Friends of ours had already raved about two specific items on the menu, a wagyu dish and the french fries..

As soon as we ordered we were presented with some bread, balsamic and oil..

Yum! My only advice; I would liked my oil and vinegar in the same dish, as the bread sucked up the balsamic faster than the oil!

The Wagyu, turned out to be a braised wagyu cheek served with polenta and gremolata..

Apologiesfor the photo, they turned down the lights, which was great for ambience but crap for photo taking! The wagyu was superb: falling apart, super rich against the creaminess of the polenta..just divine..boyfriend would have happily eaten it again, immediately. He has no higher praise than this…

We had to order the fries after the recommendation, and we also ordered a rocket, radicchio, pear and parmsesan salad with Balsamic…This was the only lowlight of the evening as I didn’t find a single bit of parmesan in my bit!

The fries were brilliant, crisp, hot, soft on the outside..they were just yummy!

I had a great deal of difficulty deciding what to order, there was the pappardelle with rabbit ragu, there was a cotechino sausage with lentils and baked saltbush lamb with caponata….I ended up with the lamb…

The lamb was cooked perfectly, tender and pink, and oh so juicy…It was such a pleasure as I haven’t eaten lamb for ages, and the caponata provided a great contrast in texture, with the addition of baby capers and pinenuts. I was as happy as a pig in mud. I was even more excited by this meal than I was about my meal at Aria because I can afford to eat here way more often!

I was also really happy with the portion sizes…though the boyfriend could’ve eaten more, he was certainly not left hungry, and after dessert I was pleasantly full, without feeling bloated or stuffed..

Dessert? Yes of course! In addition to the preprepared items in the dessert case, there are a la carte options…I wavered between the vanilla pannacotta with cinnamon and verjuice poached rhubarb and the choclate fondant with raspberry granita and candied orange zest…Of course, we went with the chocolate…

The raspberry granita and the candied orange zest were an inspired choice against the richness  of the chocolate…and we were disappointed when it ran out! More please!

We also asked to look at the Breakfast menu and it was very well priced with a great range of tasty goodies…as a bonus, they also do picnic packs, with a rug, glassware and tasty treats to take across the road to Hyde Park to enjoy…definitely something to do when the weather improves…

I loved this place, and really, can’t wait to go back…

The Falconer
31 Oxford Street
02 9267 8434
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  1. October 22, 2008

    That Wagyu beef cheek and polenta would go so well on this Wintry cold Spring night! And I love a booth too, I always ask for a booth.

  2. October 23, 2008

    Wow that looks awesome – I’ve been looking for something new on that end of Oxford St, thanks!

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