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The Rocks Farmers Market

2008 November 7

rocks bicycleLunchtime, Friday. What am I going to eat? Been away in Armidale, so no left overs at home, and don’t fancy tuna in a can. Don’t want to go all the way over to St Mary’s Cathedral for Hawkesbury Harvest Markets either…What’s a girl to do? Of course! Eureka! Go to The Rocks Markets! Yes, much smaller selection and no hot food, but still a walk, though shorter, and an abundance of tasty bits! markets landscape view

After a quick scan of all the goodies available, I head straight to Eumundi Smokehouse and grab some lamb merguez sausages. My favourite. I should really branch out and try some others..but they’re hard to resist! I then pass by Jannei Goat Dairy and try their Fresh Goats curd…yum! Though expensive. 150gm set me back $9…but oh so worth every creamy bit! So I figure maybe I should get some bread to go with the goats curd? Lucky for me, Brasserie Bread has a stand. I scan the shelves and settle on the garlic bread.

brasserie bread

The lovely young man gives me a choice of loaf and on closer inspection the smell is overwhelming! He puts the loaf in a plastic bag and warns that the bread can stain, but I’d be more worried about the smell. So rather than buying lunch why don’t I eat my bread, goats curd and get some token veggies to go with it! I go across to one of the two veggie stalls, and grab a couple of bunches of dutch carrots, and am greeted by the sight of some magnificent ox heart tomatoes and gorgeous selection of apples

ox heart tomatoesbox'o'apples

I grab a couple of tomatoes with the intention of making an onion and tomato tart tomorrow for a lunch I’m going to on Sunday, or failing that, I’ll roast them to a pulp and chuck them into some pasta? Back in the office, and ready to eat! Give the carrots a wash, cut some bread and open the curd:


This bread is sooooo tasty! Caramelised garlic baked throughout the loaf…this is the stuff I live for! Yum! Definitely up there with my favourite bread, the other being the fruit loaf from La Tartine…

Not as much choice or as busy as the Hawkebury Harvest Markets, and defintely more expensive, but no less a tasy lunchtime treat!

The Rocks Farmers Market
9am-4pm Fridays
Jack Mundey Place
Corner of Argyle and George St
The Rocks
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  1. November 7, 2008

    That young man from Brasserie Bread was flirting with me this morning. He even gave me a free brownie!! 😀

  2. November 7, 2008

    Ooh yes he was very “friendly” wasn’t he!?

  3. November 7, 2008

    I wish I’d known you were coming down! I usually get my lunch right near there but I went somewhere different today, even though said young man said I should come back on my lunch break, hahaha

  4. November 7, 2008

    bugger! You’ll have to send through your work email, and we can catch up and eat!

  5. November 8, 2008

    Hmmm bread and curd + fresh veges! Yummm! I should pay that market another visit. Good fresh produce!

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