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The Grill at Hillarys

2009 January 31

grillmenuOur second day in Western Australia saw us hire a couple of bikes and take ride up the coast line to Hillarys Boat Harbour, about 10kms north of Scarborough. The friendly locals at the bike hire shop had strongly suggested we head there for dinner, citing the range of choice and singling out Hippo Creek African Grill. Alas and alack, our planned return also coincided with everyone else deciding to go out for dinner, and thus us not being able to get in. After I threw a little tantrum, we then headed for The Grill.

This friendly open space was a lot less packed. Not because it wasn’t popular, but only because a large section of Hillarys Boat Harbour has recently been opened, so the novelty of the new fancy restaurants and bars has not yet worn off and neither had the queues!

We started with a couple of drinks, me a sparkling shiraz, and Da Boyfriend went for the usual beer. I decided I had to go for the novelty factor and order the “Oz Taste Plate” offering Kangaroo, Emu, Crocodile and a Witjuti grub!  An opportunity to eat the Coat of Arms all at once as well as an insect!?? Bring it on! Da Boyfriend went for a classic,  steak, red wine jus and veggies:


In comparison to Zanders, the service at Grill was superb. At one point, when we realised we had a large table celebrating a birthday next to us, they were very accommodating in allowing us to move our table, just as our meals were arriving.


What landed before my eyes was a feast!


From top left, two king prawns, kangaroo skewers with vegemite jus, Witjuti grub, crocodile sausage rolls, rosemary damper, bush tomato chutney, and in the centre, the emu and kangaroo pie! How fantastic!

The kangaroo skewers were lovely, meaty and tender, though the vegemite jus was quite thick and sticky. It wasn’t too vegemite-y, also somewhat sweet. A little bit cloying. Would have been far better if it hadn’t been so thick I think. I was quite worried about what the crocodile sausage roll would be like, but I was really pleased to see an actual sausage with a piece of flaky pastry wrapped around it.  This was probably one of my favourite things on the plate. What did it taste like? Hmmm, like chicken?

The damper was lovely and heady with the smell of rosemary, but soggy from the juice of the tomato sauce from the sausage roll and it was quite heavy. The tomato chutney was lovely, and the prawns were incredibly fresh.


The Kangaroo and Emu pie was delicious…though I couldn’t really discern a strong flavour from either meat. Kangaroo has never really been that gamey tasting to me, so this was just a good and tasty pie, with lovely gravy like juices…


Witjuti grub. Famous Australian bush food. Very proteiny, like a nut, with the texture of say minced tofu and nuts? A bit like a dry pesto? With a crispy grilled exterior. I must say I didn’t finish it. Too dry…

We rounded off our dinner experience sitting by the water with mushed ice cream from Cold Rock Ice Creamery

So at the conclusion of our first couple of days out West, we had discovered a couple of things.

  1. Coffee is more expensive and not as good
  2. Food is more expensive
  3. Witjuti grubs taste funny

The Grill at Hillarys Boat Harbour
Shop 64, Sorrento Quay
Southside Drive
Hillarys Boat Harbour
Western Australia
08 9203 7722

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6 Responses leave one →
  1. February 1, 2009

    Haha at the witjuti grub, I once had one that was juicy and slimey. I was 7 and it was for a school trip, I’ve never had it since lol. Huge plate you have there for dinner. Biking 10km during a holiday – Go you!

  2. February 2, 2009

    I’ve never eaten a Witchetty grub but I remember reading all about them at school-I don’t know if I could do it. OK I would but just for the blog. Hehe cute Kangaroo shaped pastry too!

  3. February 2, 2009

    @Miss Honey trust me the biking was about the only physical activity we did. Not impressive and not enough to work off the food!

    @Lorraine Yeah I liked the pastry too! and no more Witjuti grub for me!

  4. February 3, 2009

    What a great platter to try all the different Australian specialties 🙂 I haven’t tried Witjuti grub and is quite curious about it, as long as something like this doesn’t happen ahha

  5. Da Boyfriend permalink
    February 5, 2009

    Da Boyfriend don’t eat no bugs.


  6. Da Boyfriend permalink
    February 5, 2009

    Oh man, I so wish I didn’t watch that youtube video…

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