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The Restaurant with No Name

2009 January 8
by Reemski

courtyardBondi. The girls look different there. More shiny, more tanned, more blonde, more trendy…it’s quite overwhelming for someone as deeply unfashionable (and brunette) as I! Still, we had friends to visit, and food to be eaten.
I hadn’t gone to the Beach Road Hotel in years…this enormous space, with multiple drinking areas has always been a magnet for a mixed crowd. This night was no exception. Walking through the main bar, past some rusted on regulars, through to the bistro area (where it appears that a small child’s birthday was taking place) and out the back to the courtyard where the pretty young things, and the smokers were hanging out.

Our meals were to come from the Restaurant with No Name, No Names to the locals. No formal menus here, just a board on the wall:


Simple pub food: pizzas, grills, pasta, fish and salads and schnitzels…with nothing over around $15 except the lamb special at $17.50

Surprisingly, there is table service, though you wouldn’t have known it! We had to yell out to get a waitress’s attention and she palmed us off. Being a Tuesday night I was surprised at this type of service as I imagine that comparatively, it wasn’t busy at all..When we finally got some service, we ordered: two of us the fish special, it was either a john dory or a silver dory, can’t remember, a pasta, and lamb chops!

First up,  some bread and butter arrived. Perfect as we were most of the way through our bottle of rosè by this stage and needed something to soak up the alcohol before things got out of hand!:


Then our mains arrived. The pasta and the chops first, then our two fishes. The pasta special was a tortellini boscaiola, a creamy mushroom and bacon sauce over tortellini, a stuffed pasta.


My friend didn’t say too much about this dish, and she ate almost all of the saucy bits. I had a taste myself, and wasn’t very impressed. I could’ve made it at home. The pasta itself tasted like packet stuff to me, but for $10.50 expectations should not be high. The lamb chops on the other hand looked superb:


Very generous sides with chips and veggies, so many that we had to assist in  their consumption. The  chops were polished off very quickly…then the fish:


The dory was burnt from the grill on one side, but the charred exterior was hidden on the underside. However, it was a generous portion, and quite tasty. The salad was great, with just a lick of balsamic. A nice change from the drenched salads that are usually served up. But the chips, oh the chips! And not in a good way. Am I the only person that can smell that funny oil/fat that some chips are cooked in that smells and tastes off? I covered mine in the sauce provided, but it did little to mask the smell or taste…can anyone enlighten me as to whether this is a particular brand or kind of fat or just rancidness?

All in all, pretty good value for what we paid, but there was a strange charge on the bill: “5 + sauce $2.50” don’t know what this means…Oh, this is the extra special for the lamb to make it $17.50…I think..


For a neighbourhood pub, great prices, and generous portions. Service pretty patchy, but pretty good after a day at the beach when you want some decent and filling food.

No Name Restaurant
Beach Road Hotel
Beach Road
02 9130 4898

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  1. January 8, 2009

    Wow, quite cheap. That smell from the chips happens when places reuse their frying oil too many times – the oil becomes thick and sticky, and emits that awful smell:( It’s also much more unhealthy for you at that point, but I’ll stop myself from rambling lol. I wouldn’t have expected table service either lol.

  2. January 10, 2009

    I haven’t seen those little sauce packs in ages! But I hope that wasn’t them charging you for them!

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