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Balthazar Restaurant + Bar, Perth

2009 February 27


While we were in Perth, we frequented close by cafe/bar Tiger, Tiger to steal their internet and get restaurant recommendations. One of their recommendations was Balthazar in the CBD.

So one Saturday evening, after a most informative and entertaining walking tour around the city, we headed down towards the Swan River for dinner. I had actually made a booking earlier in the day, but as it was Saturday night and last minute we were offered either a wait in the bar until a table becomes available or just eat in the bar. We thought we’d wait and see when we got there.

We arrived and were welcomed into a gorgeous bar/waiting area that was all low lit and very sexy, and promptly decided that as we were hungry and the bar area wasn’t so bad that we were quite happy to stay there for dinner.


We both order our drinks, some bubbles for me and beer for Da Boyfriend, we set about examining the short but tasty looking menu, while we consumed the gorgeous warm baguette and french butter that were placed in front of us…


Da Boyfriend, of course, decided on the aged beef fillet, smoked potato, candied aubergine (eggplant) and celeriac. I decided on the lamb with the goats fetta cannelloni, fennel and salami. No entrees as you should know by now that we are total dessert fiends! For extra veggie sustenance we ordered vegetables

Our meals were delivered promptly with the best service that we experienced in Western Australia. drinks replenished, crumbs scraped, specials recited and smiles all round..


Da boyfriend’s beef was artfully stacked, but he was so hungry he got into it before I was half way to taking a pic! The celeriac was left untouched as he hates mayo, but the rest was consumed with gusto and a smiley slightly sunburnt face..

My lamb was also delicious..succulent, and juicy, with the goats fetta cannelloni cutting the sweetness of the lamb perfectly. the salami and caramelised fennel was a delicious combination, though the salami was a little too salty to go with the saltiness of the cannelloni…but still, I cleaned my plate!lamb1

Ah, a little tummy break to make way for dessert…Having perused the menu carefully we were torn about what to order..neither of us like to share and I always, always end up with meal envy..Yay! Another dessert tasting plate with a little of all the goodies!

dessertplatterFrom top centre, fresh berries, raspberry jelly and frangelico cream, then chocolate mousse 3 ways (one of which was dehydrated! Like a biscuit), bottom centre: mocha custard, cigar marshmallow and muscatels, lychee & almond tart with candied hibiscus flower (edible) and mint syrup

Well, knock me over with a feather! Just gorgeous. Simple concepts executed really, really well. The berries & jelly with cream is the height of simplicity, but beautiful in execution. The chocolate was of course divine, and the house made marshmallow with custard moreish…

To follow up and digest a little I opted for coffee (I was so exhausted and it was so late I was guaranteed a lack of consciousness!) My macchiato here was probably the best coffee I’d had in Perth.

So Balthazar wins on many levels, service, ambiance, price, food and coffee!


6 the Esplanade
08 9421 1206
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  1. February 27, 2009

    Oooo, fetta cannelloni I’m so jealous! The frangelico cream sounds lovely with the berries and jelly. I’m glad you found at least one place in Perth you loved.

  2. February 28, 2009

    Your meal sounds lovely and glad to hear that you finally got top notch service there! Was there the dreaded surcharge?

  3. February 28, 2009

    @ Lorraine Nope, no surcharge…

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