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No. 44 King Street, Perth

2009 February 3

44kingextOur time in Perth was scheduled over weekends. A good idea we thought, to take advantage of the nightlife, bars and restaurants. Sadly, this was not to be. Perth is very, very quiet on the weekends as city workers flee back to their perfect beachside suburbs. This meant that we struggled to find places to eat breakfast in the city on those weekends as most places opened late or on Sundays don’t open at all! Lucky for us there was No. 44 King St.

This bakery/restaurant/wine bar/cafe on chichi King Street in the CBD is one of the small handful of restaurants open in the CBD that we could find for breakfast on a Sunday. Sad, I know. But also, we didn’t go very far. A block and a half from our hotel in fact.

I was also keen to go check this place out, as Ben Buchanan raved about it after a recent trip to Perth. So, I was somewhat surprised to see less than glowing comments on a New York Times review (though all of the comments have disappeared) .

Anyway, we headed in one day for dinner. The interior of this restaurant is all dark woods, and low lighting, yet there are windows that open out into the street. Being on the uber chic shopping strip in the CBD No.44 gets a lot of passing trade from cashed up shoppers as well as theatre goers from the nearby His Majesty’s Theatre.


The menu here is quite extensive with a range of dishes designed to satisfy most appetites and situations:


We start with some bread and oil, Da Boyfriend’s new favourite thing to have when we go out:


The serve of bread is generous, though I find the oil a little sharp and am unwilling to pay an extra $3.50 for an aged balsamic to accompany it.

Next up our mains, for Da Boyfriend a pizza with goats cheese, roasted capsicum and olives. Now, Da Boyrfriend isn’t a fan of olives or Goats cheese, but tucks into this and thinks it’s enjoyable, except when he almost breaks a tooth on an olive stone!


I go for seafood and order the Blue Manna Crab & Roasted Chilli Spaghettini with Citrus Pangranato:


The pasta feels homemade, though I’m not sure. The chilli isn’t hot and the crab is moreish…the pangranato (tho I think they really mean pangratatto) is super tasty and finely crumbled, and I love the grilled lemon! I shovel this down, and only leave some pasta sucked bare of any crab!

This holiday involved dessert, a lot of desserts, though this one was somewhat odd and disappointing. Being of Middle Eastern background I love my sweets, particularly baklava. So when I saw this on the menu I had to give it a try.


Hmmm, so what’s the pink stuff, and the brown stuff in the baklava? Well it’s chocolate baklava with pistachio’s…nothing too crazy there, but the pink stuff is watermelon jelly. Hmm, yes. But no. Didn’t taste clean. Tasted like old watermelon where the flavour goes a bit funky? All wrong. Don’t know what the chef was on when he combined these two…

On another occasion I chose No. 44 King St for breakfast. My first choice, a freshly baked brioche french toasted, wasn’t available, so I settled on asparagus and grilled tomato on pesto toast:


This was a creative and very tasty breaky, a bit unusual, but lovely. Couldn’t even hope to have finished the tomatoes! I think I managed one on each piece of toast. The asparagus wasn’t super crisp and just heated through as I like it, but yum nonetheless.

Coffee? Not worth commenting on.

All in all, a very cosmopolitan cafe/restaurant in a lovely area.

No. 44 King Street
44 King Street
Western Australia
08 9321 4476
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  1. February 3, 2009

    Glad you liked it 🙂 Agreed that the coffee really isn’t notable, during the week we found the best was at Velvet just up the street, but – would you guess? – they wouldnt have been open when you were there 😉 Also Tiger Tiger around the other corner.

    We actually did try the balsamic (although the $3.50 does feel a bit cheeky) and actually ended up buying a bottle of it from Simon Johnson when we got back – definitely worth it if you’re a balsamic fan.

  2. February 3, 2009

    @ Ben Buchanan Post on TigerTiger coming up!

  3. February 4, 2009

    Looks good (except for the coffee which I assume wasn’t so good)!

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