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Sammy's Kitchen

2009 April 11
by Reemski

Another Canberra institution. I don’t know how long Sammy’s Kitchen has been around, but it’s always in my memory.


With the recent redevelopment of the main shopping precinct, the Canberra Centre, some old restaurants, Like Sammy’s,  moved to new premises and other restaurants opened. Sammy’s new location (in the trendily named “North Quarter”) now affords it an outdoor dining area and wedges it in the middle of the new “food” strip, in amongst Wagamama and Koko Black, Kingsleys Steakhouse and Cream.

Sammy’s was always top of our list for dinner when we were at university for a couple of reasons;

  1. Location – in the middle of everything, close to uni
  2. Variety – caters to the vegetarians extremely well
  3. Price – always reasonable
  4. Buzz – great atmosphere, even if sometimes you did feel like you were being pushed out the door!

After not having visited in it’s new location, I’m very pleased to report that it still retains the buzzy buzz that has made it a great spot to grab a meal, and the menu doesn’t seem to have changed a bit!


My extremely good looking, intelligent, and charming Dining Companion is vegetarian, so our first order is for the veggie spring rolls.

sammy's spring rolls

Next up, the sizzling fried bean curd with Chinese broccoli and needle mushrooms, mmm yumm! To share, we got the English spinach with garlic sauce:

sizzling tofu with chinese broccoli & needle mushroomsEnglish spinach with garlic sauce

For the token meat eater, me, I ordered an old favourite, Shan Tung Chicken (deep fried, shredded with garlic and chilli with “special sauce” [my guess is vinegar based]) while reminiscing about the fact we could never have peanuts on it as an old uni buddy had a fatal allergy to them!


This is pretty much the only time you’ll ever catch me eating chicken skin. Unlike many, I’ve never been a fan, but Sammy’s Shan Tung chicken gives me deep joy. Though, there could have been a few more peanuts! There was so much left over that I took it home to my mum who had it for lunch the next day. This main alone could serve about 3-4 people as a main with rice and veggies.

Sammy’s may have moved location, but the frenetic pace, the packed space and the great food haven’t changed.

p.s. They also do take away

Sammy’s Kitchen
North Quarter, Canberra Centre
Bunda Street
02 6247 1464

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  1. April 12, 2009

    Sadly I have to admit that I love chicken skin and always have. It’s not great for you I know!

  2. April 14, 2009

    I’ve never been much of a fan of chicken skin… although I may try the Sang Tung Chicken skin, it looks lovely and crispy.

  3. April 19, 2009

    Hmm yes I am having a Proustian moment over the sizzling bean curd and less pleasantly, the inability to have the peanuty dishes-methinks I know who and why…

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