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The Rum Diaries, Bondi

2009 April 16

I love going out to dinner with my friends, especially when you don’t see them as often as you should. On this occasion my esteemed dining companion and I head to Bondi on the recommendation of one of her work colleagues. The destination? The Rum Diaries.

I had heard snippets about The Rum Diaries, and it’s focus on all things rum…and this was upheld when we checked out the menu. But first, on arrival we were greeted by a lovely hostess, who welcomed us, settled us at our table, explained the menu and got us our drinks, and let us then sit back and relax over our choices.


The interior is dark and intimate with little corners to hide away in, with tables made out of old doors..we’re seated next to an upright piano, next to the bar, and have a birdseye view of the amazing looking cocktails being made…On this visit, however, we do not partake.

Having examined the lovingly folded paper menu we follow the suggestion of ordering 1 large dish and three smaller dishes and then testing our appetites..


*apologies in advance for missing photos, was very, very dark*

Our first dishes to arrive are of the order that you can’t share, due to size and complexity, though that seems the wrong word. The Diaries consist of chorizo brochette, with a shot of infused dark rum, then a gorgeous little piece of poached pear..the bites are meant to be eaten consecutively, with the final pear acting as a  palate was lovely…

The matching dish, a vegetarian option, consists of romesco tapenade, with roasted eggplant and gorgonzola as a little cake, much like a vegetable slice but a bit crunchy, chewy, with a rhubarb/berry shot of rum, followed by marinated grapes…


The marinated grapes are just gorgousness, as is the vegetable slice with the tangy blue cheesy bite of the gorgonzola…love it! Want more!

This is followed by the beautifully presented organic salmon ceviche, with bloody mary jelly:


These light little morsels just slid down the throat, with a tangy zing..very delectable.

The main we ordered,  feijoada beef stew with tortilla chips, was a lovely bowl of steaming chilli con carne style stew…This was a delicious and a hearty counterpoint to the delicacy of the smaller dishes:

feijoaOn to dessert!

My Dining Companion and I both immediately set upon the assiette of rum & chocolate, a fancy way of saying three types of chocolate mousse! We were also intrigued by the vegan fudge brownies, but elected to share the mousse…


On the left, milk chocoolate, centre, white, and right dark chocolate. The mousses were lovely, though a bit heavier and creamier than your standard mousse, with a lovely alcohol kick…

Great atmosphere, awesome service, and great and inventive food! Go to The Rum Diaries. It is good.

The Rum Diaries
288 Bondi Road
02 9300 0440
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6 Responses leave one →
  1. April 16, 2009

    wow! looks great!
    is it very expensive?

  2. April 16, 2009

    love the idea of having an order to eat things in per the chorizo brochette. it’s amazing how food can taste so different when eaten in a different order.

    ps) how cute does the decor sound? loveit!

  3. April 17, 2009

    It’s nice that they have corners where you can ‘hide’. Sometimes you just wan’t to get away from the crowd! The mousse looks great, would go down great with a tea or coffee.

  4. April 17, 2009

    sounds great. i’ve been wanting to check out Rum Diaries for over a year now and hopefully will get to it soon.
    Simon 🙂

  5. April 20, 2009

    I want to go just based on the name-intriguing!

  6. April 20, 2009

    @ Lorraine You’d love this place..interesting food, great service and wonderfully quirky

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