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Tosolini’s Ristorante, Caffe and Bar, Canberra

2009 April 1
by Reemski

exterior-signAh, home in Canberra. The reason for this visit? A long overdue visit from the U.K. of a very close, old friend and her baby to see friends and family. First thing we did was to arrange to meet for dinner on a Friday night. Where to go!? Neither of us had any idea, and everywhere was fairly busy and not conducive to girly gossip catch up’s…Then it struck us, Tosolini’s! And we were in luck, with tables outside to enjoy the unseasonably warm weather.

Tosolini’s has been on the corner of East Row and London Circuit as long as I can remember, so we’ll say at least 20-25 years. In addition to a couple of renovations of the interiors, not too much has changed, and the outdoor seating is still right on the corner of the bus interchange..We score ourselves an outdoor table and settle in for the long haul…

First of all, drinks! We both go for the Rumball Sparkling Shiraz, and were very happy with our choice, so much so that we end up ordering another glass each!

We take our time perusing the menu, and the specials board. It all looks tasty, and for someone who lives in the UK all quite different from what’s available at home (not so much the dishes themselves, more the fresheness/diversity of ingredients)…

I decide on an entree size marinara, and my dining companion goes for veal, noting that it’s not widely served in the U.K….


My marinara is actually the perfect size for my tummy, a couple of large mussels, some prawns and calamari..and the veal is served with with some lovely looking mash…The veal looking like, well, use your imagination! But it obviously tasted pretty good as it was mostly gone by the time we were done!

Dessert! After much chatting we each went inside to check out the available desserts. Apart from a case of gelato, there was Mama’s famous Tiramisu, an amazing looking bread and butter pudding, a cheesecake, as well as a “homemade” fig tart and apple strudel which we ordered. I went for the fig tart for one reason, figs! Little baby figs, in fact:


The tart was lovely, and would have been more so if fresher. The perennial problem with pre-made desserts. The pastry was tough and chewy, the filling pretty bland, but overall ok. The strudel was huge and though I didn’t taste it, looked markedly better than my tart!


It was great to re-visit Tosolini’s and the high quality food, and great service. Like visiting an old friend…

Apologies for all the photos, it was quite dark by this stage and I”ve had to do some post production work on them!

Corner of East Row and London Circuit
02 6247 4317

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  1. April 2, 2009

    Oh the veal! lol Yes errm moving right along. Such a pity about the fig tart but the strudel and the marinara looks great!

  2. April 3, 2009

    Ah haven’t been to Tosolini’s in years….my family used to go to Woodstock for their pizza throughout my whole childhood. Every time I had back to Cbr I have to go back for a visit 😉

  3. Nee permalink
    April 15, 2009

    I quite agree! You have quite a nack for talking about food don’t you? I’m as proud as a boozy punch!

    Thanks also for talking about me in a most favourable light, it was a lovely evening and one I will treasure for a long time to come xxx

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