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Taste on Sussex Lane, Kent Street

2009 May 10

Birthday lunch for Ms K at work, and first stop: Taste on Sussex Lane. Having lived near the original Surry Hills outlet for sometime, I loved the new formality of the city cafe/bar/restaurant. Yet, it still manages to retain it’s laid back vibe with a roaring trade in their famous French/Viet baguettes more traditionally known as Banh Mi feeding the milling office workers around the new Westpac plaza. Our office had our Christmas Party here, and I wanted to post then, but got distracted by party games! Nestled in the bottom  of Westpac Place, overlooking the lane way shared by Small Bar, and a glistening hair salon, the space has been decked out in the most gorgeous french influenced style. On entry there is the quick serve baguette bar, with queues snaking out the door during busy lunchtimes, and to the left, entry into the restaurant proper. The first section in a glass atrium with cafe style seating, then near the bar: bar/lounge style seating and just a touch further a more formal dining area. The five of us are seated in the bar area on comfy couches and armchairs with the tricky challenge of eating off a very small table! We do, somehow manage. Checking out the menu, there is a choice of the baguettes, and more formal dining options. Between us we choose a range.

menu_tastetaste_menu_2 taste_menu_3taste_menu_4

The Birthday Girl, Ms K, opts for the house-made pork sausages on braised lentils: sausages_lentils

I don’t try the sausages, but the lentils are gorgeous, unctuous with their form and bite intact. The Divine Ms M goes for the the fish pie:


She’s initially hesitant but pleased with the flaky pastry and the freshness of the fish. The rest of us settle on the baguettes: Portuguese chicken, roast beef and for me, the lemongrass beef (of which I only got a crap unusable picture) baguette_1baguette_2 My lemongrass beef baguette was super tasty, and as requested sans mayonnaise. In the end I think the mayonnaise  would have deadened the light tangy flavour of the marinated beef in with it’s creaminess. Everyone dived into their food, and we managed to balance the baguettes on our laps while the other meals were eaten on the table. A quick coffee, and back to the office, but not before a quick squiz and the gorgeous case of pastries also on offer!

Taste on Sussex Lane
275 Kent Street
Westpac Place
02 9299 0888
Taste on Sussex Lane on Urbanspoon

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  1. May 11, 2009

    Everything looks rather tasty indeed! Fish pie is such a delicious comforting dish.

  2. May 12, 2009

    Mmm everything looks yummy, and your lemon grass beef baguette sounds like the perfect lunch!

  3. May 12, 2009

    Love their baguettes!
    s 🙂

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