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Fffffffar out it’s been hot (and then cold)…frappes and slushies

2011 February 22
by Reemski

HAWT. It’s been damn HAWT round these parts. A few weeks back  the temperature was consistently hovering around 30°-35°C every day with night temps not falling below around 25°. Add to that the legendary Sydney summer stickiness and you’ve got a recipe for frayed and frazzled people all over the city. Then it gets cold! Damn you inconsistent all over the place weather! Then, it gets hot again!!!!! Save me from this interminable hell!

In  the heat I find I can’t eat a lot or cook a lot. Can’t even bbq as I don’t want to turn the damn thing on cause it’s too hot!

So, there I sit, panting in the heat like an English sheepdog in an Australian summer, wracking my brain to try and come up with something tasty and refreshing and sweet, that’s not laden with kilojoules, but satisfies the craving. A couple of weeks back I met a friend for a coffee and had a frappe a.ka. a slushie. Essentially a drink blended with ice till it’s all crushed. It was cool, refreshing and perfect for a stinking hot day when tea or coffee are out of the question.

So: I always have boxes of my favourite Chilli Hot Chocolate (Byron Bay Coffee Co.) stashed in the cupboard, so I figured if I mix up the hot chocolate powder with some hot water then mix it through the milk then throw it in the blender with a pile of ice and blend, that I would have the perfect treat. I was right!

It takes a bit of work to get the proportions right, but once you do it’s perfect and the possibilities are endless: tea, coffee, fruit..

Tip 1: cold deadens your tastebuds so you have to use more flavour. Add slightly more than you would to it’s hot/warm equivalent.

Tip 2: Add more ice. First time, I added about 5 ice cubes. It wasn’t enough for my blender to crush it properly so I had big chunks of ice all through it. Second time I piled in the ice. More than I thought I should, but I increased the milk from 1/2 cup to a full cup. Made a massive serve, but because there was more ice it worked properly and was more slushie like in consistency. WIN!

Tip 3: Make sure the lid of your blender is on properly. The first time I did this, let’s just say I made a bit of a mess. 😉

Tip 4: Don’t buy a blender. Buy a food processor with a blender attachment. After having to scale down my kitchen, having multifunction items is a must

There is no recipe, just adapt your favourite drink. But as proportions go for 1 person doing a cold chocolate type of thing:

  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 3-4 heaped tsp of drinking chocolate
  • dash of hot water to dissolve the drinking chocolate into the milk
  • about 10 ice cubes to start
  • Dissolve your drinking chocolate into the hot water then mix with the milk

    Throw into blender with ice and blend to your chosen consistency

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4 Responses leave one →
  1. February 22, 2011

    Mmmm…this sounds delish. The weather…I could write whole blog posts on that!
    Peter G @ Souvlaki For The Soul´s last post..“Patates sto Fourno”

  2. February 22, 2011

    The weather down here has been relatively mild, but who knows what might happen over the next few days/weeks, so I’ll definitely give this a try. I really like the freshly made lemon iced tea you can get at Chinese places, but somehow when I try to make it at home it ends up sort of murky… The chilli-choc ice sounds PERFECT!
    Injera´s last post..A food intervention

  3. February 23, 2011

    Yes it was hawt! Too hawt! Then it got cool.. then hawt! Then cool.. argh! Now I need to deaden the pain with a frappe.

  4. March 3, 2011

    Great. An ice-cream headache that gives you a belt on the way out. Love it.

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