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Sia Sandwiches

2011 February 3
by Reemski

Last night I got to see one of my favourite performers live, Sia. Just in case you don’t know who she is, you might recognise this:


So there I was wandering about Enmore Road desperate for food and running out of time. I put the call out on twitter and got two clear responses: Faheem’s Fast Food and Sultan’s Table. I passed on Faheem’s thinking that being so hot and about to be in close quarters with a number of strangers that a curry probably wasn’t appropriate, so tried our luck at Sultan’s Table. We did manage to score a table, but they were so busy as a result of large groups and concert-goer’s that we didn’t get served :-/

By this time, somewhat frantic and cranky from dropping blood sugar we dashed off down the street in search of something quick and easy. So much Thai and so many pizza joints, but I just wanted something healthy, light and FAST!

Eventually after walking up and down the street, we kind of gave up and settled on the Blue Fig Cafe as it didn’t appear to be completely packed. A quick glance of the menu and I settled on a Steak Sandwich, no mayo no fries, and the lovely waiter was very understanding of our hurry as by this time it was nudging 8:40pm…

Within what seemed like mere seconds, my blessed sanger arrived in all it’s juicy, freshly made glory, with no mistakes! No gristly piece of overcooked steak, this baby contained a perfectly cooked slice and half of meaty goodness with juices pleasingly dripping down my arm along with the juice of the fresh tomato. A dash of mustard to liven up proceedings placed it into the realms of STAR. Or maybe I was just delusional from hunger?

Nevertheless, awesome sandwich with great service. Next time I won’t pass it by so quickly.

Blue Fig Cafe
112 Enmore Road
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  1. February 3, 2011

    Who doesn’t love Sia and her haunting ballads (Breathe Me, Lullaby, etc. and her co-writes for others like Xtina’s You Lost Me)?

    Glad you got a quick feed at Blue Fig, a pretty good place.

  2. February 4, 2011

    As much as I love the food at Sultans Table, the service is very erratic. The first time I ever went I was totally forgotten about, not nice when you’re starving!
    Good to see your steak sambo didn’t disappoint

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